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The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Canada
Canada is known for its alluring wilderness and charming cities. The country’s beauty is remarkable and just about anywhere you travel will leave you with a refreshing outlook on life and a renewed love for nature. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Canada.

1) Ottawa
The city of Ottawa looks like an elaborate painting blended with a modern metropolitan city. Nestled at the meeting of three major rivers – the Ottawa River, the Gatineau River, and the Rideau River – Canada’s capital city has 19th century architecture and outdoor vistas made to charm any visitor.
The most popular site in Ottawa is the Rideau Canal, which cuts through the heart of the city. Many residents and tourists can be seen having picnics or relaxing on an afternoon break near the canal. In the winter, when this massive body of streaming water is completely frozen over, the canal transforms into the world’s largest ice skating rink.
This alone is a sight enough to make the trip.

2) Capilano Suspension Bridge
Erected in 1889, the Capilano Suspension Bridge stretches 450 feet from end to end and hovers a staggering 230 feet above the Capilano River. Not only does this massive suspension bridge walk you through the enchanting views of Canada’s West Coast Rainforest, it also mesmerizes you with the sounds of the Canadian wildlife and historical significance.
The Capilano Bridge’s gravity defying height and mind boggling length are not the only highlights that make this place popular. The very fact that it’s only a few minutes from the center of Vancouver City makes it enticing for all visitors to the area. If you go, try getting to the bridge before 10am or after 4pm to beat the crowds.

3) Prince Edward Island
While its Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island is big on culture and beauty. Brushed with its famous red rock hills and immaculate beaches, PEI offers both relaxation and adventure for anyone. Some of the most popular landmarks on the island include St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Island Hill Farm, and the West Point Lighthouse.
When you’re finished exploring those cultural icons, embark on a tour of the island.
There are daily tours visiting a variety of locations, whether it’s traveling by car, boat or foot, exploring this island will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

4) Whistler
Whistler’s ski resort and surrounding areas encompass all the beauty of the Whistler and Backcomb mountains while offering outdoor enthusiasts opportunities to get outside and go wild.
The ski resort itself is the largest alpine ski destination in North America offering visitors the chance to hit the slopes while soaking in the magnificent scenery. Ride a gondola up the side of the mountain, zipline over the trees, or go searching for wildlife (bear sightings are not uncommon).
There are tons of things to do and sights to enjoy in this snowy Canadian destination.

5) Toronto
One of the largest cities in North America, Toronto offers amazing views and a cultural diversity that will stimulate your senses and expand your mind. The middle of the city is easy to get around, with most of the museums, parks, and attractions, within walking distance of one another. Visit the city’s most visible landmark, the 1,814 feet tall CN Tower, and see what it’s like to look over the city from the clouds.
Then, travel over to High Park and feed the swans while you revel in the day. Just off the coast, the Toronto Islands offer a nice daytime getaway of exploration and rest.
You’ll definitely need a few days to take in all this city has to offer, but every second is absolutely worth it.

6) Banff National Park
Just an hour and a half drive from Calgary, Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest, and most visited, national park. Each year millions of visitors come to the park for the dark blues of the lakes and the refreshing views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Sure, the park offers the usual golfing, mountain climbing, and fishing, but it also features million-year-old glaciers and the opportunity to be a part of geological history.
Even if you don’t stop, you can glide through the park on the Trans-Canada Highway, which cuts through Banff National Park.

7) Vancouver
Perched on Canada’s West Coast, the city of Vancouver offers spectacular landscapes and a virtual outdoors-lover’s playground. Originally named Gastown, this large metropolitan area has more than just the sun.
In fact, you can take in the rays on the Pacific Coastline, embark on a skiing adventure, and relax in one of the city’s many parks, all in the same day. Vancouver’s most popular parks are Queen Elizabeth Park, with amazing gardens, and Stanley Park, with high lookouts over the entire city while soft, low key music plays in the background.
This place is a can’t-miss for any Canadian vacation.

8) Nahanni National Park
Nahanni National Park is the epitome of roughing it in nature. You can dance under its magnificent, massive, waterfalls or experience its Sulphur hot springs, before going on a wild whitewater rafting adventure.
The Naha Dehé River carves through four immense canyons and the area’s famous spruce and aspen trees harbor adrenaline-inducing wildlife like wolves and grizzly bears.
Even the park’s mountain goats are a sight to be seen. Located in the country’s Northwest Territories, Nahanni National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site encompassing land you just have to see to believe.

9) Peggy’s Cove
This Nova Scotian gem is home to a traditional functioning fishing village as well as one of the most recognizable and iconic lighthouses in all of Canada, Peggy’s Point Lighthouse.
The fishermen providedelicious fresh seafood delights while the famous lighthouse invites visitors to take pictures or just sit and take in the inspiring sight of waves crashing in on the massive rocks below the lighthouse for hours. Peggy’s Cove is located an hour from Halifax.
You’re guaranteed to take back memories from anywhere in the area.

10) Fogo Island
The scarcely populated grounds of Fogo Island sit on the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. The majestic beauty of the area include cliffs made of volcanic ash and a cool, rough terrain that feels almost hypnotic in person.
This island’s origins date back hundreds of years. In the winter, the current from Labrador freezes over, leaving you free to explore its icy landscape.
If you’re looking for a vacation filled with relaxation while mulling over the vastness of nature, come to Fogo Island and experience something unforgettable. HT TNT chuyễn
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