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10 địa điểm Trang Trí Giáng Sinh Tuyệt Đẹp tại Hoa kỳ
Rockefeller Center, New York City 1 of 10

The giant Christmas tree is a beautiful sight to behold and you can't forget about The Rink, one of the city's most popular winter attractions. Located in the center of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, this is an area in New York City that brings loads of holiday cheer!

"Bethlehem" in Pensyvani 2 of 10

In 1741, a little town in Pennsylvania was named "Bethlehem" and has since been dubbed the "Christmas City," receiving over 1 million visitors during the Christmas season. You can enjoy the authentic German Weihnachtsmarkt or open-air Christmas market in the downtown shopping area, partake in the many holiday events, or take a Historic Candlelight Walking Tour. Regardless of when you go, Bethlehem is a Christmas display in and of itself.

Magnificent Mile Light Festival, Illinois 3 of 10

Having visiting Chicago during the holidays, I can attest to the beauty that is the Magnificent Mile Light Festival.  This festival kicks off the holidays with a bang! Chicago's Magnificent Mile runs 13 blocks down North Michigan Avenue. The shops, restaurants, and stores are decked out in their finest, and the tree-lighting parade is a fun-filled, bright, and energetic one with none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
Walt Disney World, Florida 4 of 10

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, no one does Christmas like Disney! Walt Disney World Resort has some of the best Christmas displays you'll ever see, and events and celebrations to match Watch Cinderella's castle transform into a snowy and icy masterpiece and you'll find yourself in awe of the incredible light displays!
Macy’s Window Display, New York City 5 of 10

Macy's and Christmas go hand-in-hand. Remember Miracle on 34th Street? Enough said. This department store features some of New York City's best holiday window displays and each and every year they do something a little different. 
The Biltmore House, North Carolina 6 of 10

George Vanderbilt's estate, the Biltmore House,opened its doors for the first time in 1895 on Christmas Eve. Since that day, every Christmas has been a grand affair! This incredible estate houses an elaborately decorated, 35-foot Fraser fir Christmas tree in the Banquet Hall and is known as the Southeast's "most elegant and awe-inspiring holiday travel destination." 
Christmas Tree Lane, California 7 of 10

The Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno, California celebrates its 91st anniversary this year and now welcomes over 100,000 people each year. From December 3rd through the 25th, millions of lights are turned on from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every night. The decor and festivity span a total of 2 miles. 
The National Christmas Tree, Washington D.C. 8 of 10

The National Christmas Tree Lighting in Washington D.C. is a yearly event that rings in the holiday. Every year, ornaments made by Americans across the country are hung on the tree, one for every territory, state, and the District of Columbia. The lighting ceremony begins on December 6th, but you are still welcome to visit afterwards to view this exquisite sight. 
The River Walk, Texas 9 of 10

The famous River Walk in San Antonio, Texas is lit up like a … well, like a Christmas tree! This beautiful attraction dazzles with hundreds of light displays and is truly a sight to behold!
Mall of America, Minnesota 10 of 10

The Christmas displays at the Mall of America are HUGE and for good reason, as the mall stands at 4.2 million square-feet (good luck getting through the entire building!). They house two massive 44-foot tall silver trees, 450 lb. ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and of course, Santa Claus is present. Just be sure to book your appointment with Santa beforehand, as he tends to be quite popular. 
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